So-- you claim to be a considerate builder? And why should I buy that malarkey? Like fresh baloney your advertisements bely their origins as preserved processed meats, suitable only for the lower classes and for children who know no better than to eat dreck and smile, oblivious of the cancer cells multiplying and metastasizing in their egos, fuelled by Spam, sold to Pacific Islanders by shills, causing them to abandon their traditional diet of breadfruit and papaya, grilled fresh fish and wild boar, dooming them to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, distemper, and gout, and making them dependent on the crass commercial world of manufactured goods for their very survival when formerly they were a proud people, descendants of matriarchal lineages who danced through the night in ceremonial rings, but now wear Wonder bras and dance the cha cha while listening to La Bamba on tinny transistor radios, gifts from missionaries who introduced them to the love of Our Savior and the practice of gargling. Now straw huts are demolished with consideration by builders of cinder block studio flats and the occasional Quonset hut or Pizza Hut restaurant. Parking lots of asphalt and macadam are spread on the beaches, preserving the footprint of the last bare foot (subsequent native feet wear Reebocks from birth), malls erupt in the jungle, eradicating several species of snakes and lizards. The considerate builder chews his plug of tobacco, spits his sputum upon the still-fecund soil, and consults his rolodex for local motels with individual private cabins and a brand-new bar of deodorant soap for each male occupant. -MN