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Artist: Martha Deed

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Medium: Electronic Animated

Artist Statement: The concept of "erasure" is particularly applicable to her research and writing about a troubling murder in western New York.

Here, the basic text is page six of Annette Montstream's signed confession relating her role in killing her husband, John.

John's Statement is one of three erasures submitted here to show what happens when truth is erased as the murder confession is processed through the criminal justice system

Wife's Statement and Justice Erased complete the cycle.

Martha L. Deed is a poet (SHAMPOO, The Awakenings Review, Miller's Pond Online - forthcoming), writer and psychologist.

Millie Niss, who collaborated with Deed on the design and execution of this project, is a web artist with numerous online credits(Attic, Bannerarts, Word Circuits, Rhizome/Hyperrhiz) and poet (The Buffalo News, Beehive, MAG). A member of Webartery, she has created her own website:

Artist Tools: Original Text is page 6 of Annette Montstream's signed police statement. Here she describes her role in causing her husband's death. The erasure overlay is a photograph of the murder victim, John Montstream, at age 14, in a boat he and his father built together. The photograph was supplied by a Montstream relative. I collaborated with the Montstream family on this piece and used Photoshop, Fireworks MX, Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX to create the piece.

Date Entered: 2/28/2003 4:56:24 PM

Text Version: Statement I say Mike told me to give him a ride I talked with Mike Northrup. I have been wanting to tell somebody what happened to me that I John was dead

Justice Erased Wife's Statement