34th Street

Dear Mr. Field Manager

Dear Mr. Field Manager
While I appreciate seeing your portrait
In the stations you manage
On those new signs
Which started appearing
When they began to tear up the subway

What I really want to know
Is where you buried the dead body
In the Uptown 34th Street station

Is it under the platform
Which seems like the most
Convenient place for a cadaver
Or is that too obvious?

Maybe it's behind the new
Refurbished mosaics which look so nice
But which are not so pleasant to view
While smelling a decaying corpse

When I wrote my last letter
To the MTA on this subject
Someone from your office wrote back
That it was merely rodents
But I know they were giving me
The runaround

People disappear all the time
In this city
And from the odor
I can tell where they end up

Is it under the tracks?
Or do you simply
Throw them In the tunnel
And let the train take care of the remains?

Maybe it's in the bathrooms
Which are no longer open to the public.
They could certainly hold a body or two.

Please let me know
At your earliest convenience.

I don't mind that there is a dead body
In the 34th Street Uptown number 1 station
Although some air freshener might help
I merely wish to know its location

Thank you so much for your time.

P.S. If there are any other corpses
In the transit system
Would you mind sending me a list?

Yours truly, Joan Fitzgerald