Published Web-works by Millie Niss

Selected Baudelaire Poems: Correspondances, Au Lecteur, L'Albatros


Translations into English of three Baudelaire poems from Les Fleurs du Mal

The Dancing Rhinoceri of Bangladesh

2002 An interactive poem about rhinoceri, stewardesses, tea, terrorists, and other assorted items

2 banners, 2 rectangular patches

2002 Artworks in the shape of web advertisements, which respect the size limits for ads. Click on collection, then search by author for "Niss."

Monster, an old computer

2002 A tribute to my old computers. Click the computer on the bottom row, second from the right

Outline of a Novel by the Storyteller Laureate of Hazlahan

2002 Poem about finding the weasel within us all. This poem is not about anything scatalogical; if you think it is, your mind is in the gutter...

Animated Insanity

2002 A collection of Flash Works including the Christmas Tree Manifesto, advertisements from the Finkel Center for Psychoanalysis, and a risque biology illustration. Click on the number 3 for Millie Niss's work.

Postcard from the Land of Unlike(ly)ness

2001 A postcard sent in Randy Adams's Imaginary post office, from A Maiden Fair But Forgettable

Biological Time Clock

2003 An interactive sound piece about time passing us over and all the things one will never get to do. Not as depressing as it sounds!

"Our Honeymoon in a Havana Cabana" and "An Evil Man Leaves his Mother in an Airplane to Pursue Women in the Park"

2003 Two poems influenced by the Language Poetry movement. The first one is an attempt to write an unsentimental cat poem and parodies Langpo; the second is more seriously engaged in Langpo-like explorations

Paris Connection

2003 Translation into French of Helen Thorington's introduction to the Paris Connection, a review of six French new media artists

Cartoon Bathroom

2003 One of many bathrooms in Regina Celia Pinto's Museum of the Essential and Beyond That. This one features Spork, the Schizophrenic Skua

Suicide, Art, and Humor

2003 Essay on suicide and poetry, as seen through the sonnets of John Berryman

Multiculturalism image

2003 Image of woman in sari; was used on cover of a UN web publication

Sour Grapes

2003 A poetic rant about terrorism, the Patriot Act , and why I don't do banner ads...


2004 An animated adaptation of a poem by Eugenio Montale, in English and Italian

Three Abecedarians

2004 Three surreal alphabet poems

Orpheus And Eurydice do their Laundry

with text by Joseph McElroy and aid from Greek Slave,
Martha Deed

(Click on second row from bottom, third alien from right to get Orpheus Game.)
(shortlisted in Game Art competition by Judge FOS)

Help Orpheus and Eurydice sort their laundry

Letter to the Editor Homeland Security Advice

2004 Two poems bashing Bush

The Brave Get Stung

2004 Punning and nonsensical poem


with Martha Deed

2004 Six interactive electronic poems inspired by the Oulipo (with Martha Deed)

The Iraquiad

2004 Modernization of the opening of the Iliad

Why I Write for the Web

2004 Essay on the sources and goals of my web art

NetBehaviour Online Residency

with Jason Nelson

2005 With Jason Nelson, Jim Andrews, and Tim Wright, an exploration of the user interface as art

Collaborative Review of Millie Niss's Web Art

2005 Collaborative Review of Niss's Spork and Niss and Deed's Oulipoems, on The Museum of the Essential and Beyond That (Brazil)

Sheep Apnea

with Martha Deed

2005 A recombinant sheep as part of Regina Celia Pinto and Isabel Saij's Sheep Parade. The Sheep Parade blog is at Sheep Apnea is available under the "Free Art License" (copyleft). The SWF and FLA files are available from the author.

Tabitha Takes the Train to Toronto

2005 A visual/animated train ride from Niagara Falls, New York, USA to Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Faust Joins an HMO", "Headline News", and "Please Support Bill 201-23C: The Wood Restriction Act "

2005 Three political poems.

"A Hecatomb in Cheektowaga" on DVblog

with Martha Deed

2005 "[An] elegant and angry attack on bureaucratic stupidity and indifference"

(from DVblog article)

News frrom Erewhon

with Martha Deed

2005 A series of linked surreal/postmodern stories, with accompanying animated images gleaned from the web/

7 videos in Perpetual Art Machine 's installation

with Martha Deed, Elana Shneyer, Michael Szpakowski

2005 - 2006 Some of these videos were shown at the Scope New York Art Fair in Fall 2005.  Several videos were done in collaboration with Martha Deed.  "Pillophilia" was done in collaboration with Elana Shneyer and Michael Szpakowski.

"Commercial Spots" on DVblog

2006 Video using poetried Googlisms shot in the Sony Atrium on Madison Avenue (NYC)

Photographs on Robert Kendall's Logozoa site

2005 - 2006
Kendall's project asks viewers to submit photos of his logozoans (textual beings) in the field and I have made several contribution.
Oulipoems by Millie Niss and Martha Deed  in the Electronic Literature Anthology, Volume 1 Six interactive electronic poems inspired by the Oulipo (same as on Iowa Review Web above).  This version does not include the enhanced version of Poggle which allows users to submit their own texts to the site for ongoing permanent use.
Moon and People Watching Two moon videos.