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Retired from the practice of Psychology
Work history as a Psychologist not listed

Martha L. Deed, Ph.D.
1037 Sweeney Street
North Tonawanda, New York 14120

Telephone/Messages: (716) 695-3042

Community Activities
Publications and Presentations

Licensed Psychologist, New York State (retired 2002)
PhD Boston University
B.A. New School for Social Research, New York, New York
Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota, 1959-1962

Certificat de Langue Francaise, Degre Moyen, Sorbonne, Paris, 1975

Consumer Union's Safe Patient Project

2011 - Present

Member, Patient Safety Advocates Network

New York State Department of Health

1996 - Present Member, Medical Records Access Review Committee
1992 - 1996 Alternate, Medical Records Access Review Committee

New York State Surrogate Court

2006 - 2011

Family/ Provider Member, Medical Decison-Making Committee

American Psychological Association (Retired from membership, 2002)

1994 - 1995 Member, Advisory Board, Presidential Task Force on Family Violence
1990 - 1992 Member, Task Force on Child Custody (Division 35 Women)

New York State Psychological Association

1994 - 1995

President, Clinical Division

1993 - 1994

Vice President, Clinical Division.  Served for several years on Executive Committee of the Clinical Division


1997 US Department Justice Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) grant for program
evaluation of a community domestic violence intervention project in Niagara County (NY)
administered by Niagara County Sheriff's Department. Program evaluation projects.
1996 National Institutes of Justice grant for victim impact study of New York State's Family
Protection and Domestic Violence Intervention Act. I assisted in research design for
successful grant proposal, but did not participate in implementation of the grant.
1994 - 1995
1995 - 1996
Catholic Charities, Buffalo, NY. For curriculum development of batterers intervention program
internships for law students and teaching the curriculum
1995 - 1996
Summer 1996
Baldy Center, University at Buffalo. Research grants
1995 and 1996 New York State Bar Foundation grants for research on law school's impact on law students'
attitudes toward family violence and report and recommendations for continuing legal
education on family violence
1994 Multidisciplinary Pilot Program Grant, University at Buffalo, shared with other faculty to
develop family violence research program at the Law School
1993 - 1994 New York State Psychological Association, Clinical Division grant to study impact of
managed care on NYS psychologists private practice in Upstate and Western NY
1993 - 1994 Canadian-American Legal Studies grant from Canadian Consulate shared with other faculty
members to plan international conference of law students
1964 - 1969 As a graduate student: Fellowships from Boston University Graduate School, American
Friends Service Committee, Friends World Committee for Consultation

Community Activities

2001 - 2006 Member, Family Violence Intervention Project Advisory Board, Member of Education
Subcommittee, and Speaker, Niagara County (NY)
1998 - 2004 Mentor, Career Exploration Internship Program, Williamsville Central Schools
1994 - 2001 Member, Niagara County Domestic Violence Task Forces: Lockport, Niagara Falls (NY)
1999 - 2002 Red Cross Disaster Services Mental Health Volunteer, Buffalo, NY
1996 - 2000 Member, Health Subcommittee, Erie County Commission on the Status of Women. Helped
plan hearings, spoke at hearing on mental health needs of women and children
1994 Member, Long-Range Planning Study of Family Violence Needs in Erie County (NY) and
served on the Statistics Subcommittee. Conducted by Erie County Coalition Against Family

Publications and Presentations


2010 Millie Niss.  City Bird: Selected Poems (1991-2009), BlazeVox.  Curator and Editor
1989 - 2000 Contributing editor, American Journal of Orthopsychiatry. Anonymous peer review submissions
1994 - 1995 Reviewed drafts and rewrote protions of Violence Against the Family: Report of the
American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Violence and the
(APA, 1996).
1994 Do I Really Want Managed Care? . Brochure written and designed by Deed for professional interdiciplinary publication by Psychological Association of Western New York (PAWNY), National Association of Social Workers, Society for Clinical Social Work, and Western New York Psychiatric Society.
1994 Referral Service: Comprehensive, Statewide, Psychological Services. Brochure concept and text. New York State Psychological Association.
1965 -1966 Edited Fritz Kunkel, M.D. The Psychology of Personal Crisis (Inward Light, 1966).

l and Health Care Publications
Literary Publications

The Last Collaboration (with Millie Niss).  Furtherfield, 2012.  A book: multi-media fatality review.

First, Create.  C2S (Forthcoming)

Price is high for valuing reputation over safety.  The Buffalo News (op ed). August 1, 2012.  A6.

Connecting the Dots: From Family Advocacy to Patient Safety in the Hospital.  Patient Safety InSight.  May, 2012.

Writing for Life. Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine.  August 2011.

Daughter's death gives mother a cause.  The Buffalo News.  August 13, 2011.  C1, C2.

Missing:  Impact of a Family Murder.  New media, multi-media installation.  Unlikelystories.  2007.

Aftershocks: Impact of a Family Murder Four Years Later, Photographs and Text by Martha L. Deed. 2002. Safe Homes Conference, Niagara Falls, NY. May 2-3.

Practice Alerts. 2002. NYSPA Notebook. (New York State Psychological Association). March/April 2002. Pp. 16, 21.

A Community Walks Together: Michael Northrup's Acquittal Challenges Trinity Greece. 2002. Living Water. January. Pp. A,C.

Northrup Mistrial Satisfies No One. 2001. Op-ed. Niagara Gazette. April 10. 9-A.

Book Review: Richard Davis: Facts and Fallacies. Readings: A Journal of Commentary and Book Reviews. 1999. 14(2): 25.

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Risk Management Practice Tips. NYSPA Notebook. 1998. 10(5): 12, 26.

Those who are truly apologetic don't attempt to escape the consequences of their actions. 1998. Op-ed for The Buffalo News. October 7. B-2.

Violence Against Women, Abuse. 1998. Article for The Reader's Companion to U.S. Women's History. Boston , MA: Houghton Mifflin.

Reports to the Niagara Falls Domestic Violence Intervention Program Task Force and to the COPS Grant Monitor:
Final Report: Niagara County Domestic Violence Intervention Task Force Meetings: January-December, 1997, December 1997.
Niagara Falls Domestic Violence Program in the News, December 1997.
Victim Impact Study: Preliminary Findings, February 1998.

Addressing Issues of Legal Practice Related to Family Violence Through Continuing Legal Education with Law Student Survey Results. A Report to the New York State Bar Association. Funded by the New York State Bar Foundation. 1997.

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Book Review: Oremland, Jerome. Interpretation and Interaction: Psychoanalysis or Psychotherapy? 1992. Readings. September.

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A Study of Quakers. 1970. Friends Journal and pamphlet.  Doctoral dissertation for lay audience.

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Steps Toward a Quaker Testimony on Racial Equality. 1965. Interracial News Service. 36.

Fifteen Years After. 1964. Fifteen year follow-up study of Displaced Persons resettled in the United States. Designed and conducted by me. Report co-authored with Truman Stehr. United Church Reports, United Church of Christ.

Refereed conference presentations

Celebration of Millie Niss, Web artist.  E-Poetry, University at Buffalo, May 2010.

News from Erewhon, (with Millie Niss).  AndNow Conference, Buffalo, NY.  October 2009.

Building Program Evaluation and Domestic Violence Intervention Strategies from the Ground up by Utilizing Existing Community Resources. 1998. Paper presented at Program Evaluation and Family Violence Research: An International Conference, Durham, NH, (July 26-29). Co-authors: Mark A.Violante and Julie Vogt.

Images of Mothers and Daughters in Court-Ordered Custody Evaluations. 1996. Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, Glasgow, Scotland. July.

The Domestic Violence Intervention Project in Lockport, New York: First Year Observations. 1996. Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, Glasgow, Scotland. July.

Mandated Child Abuse Reporting, Confidentiality and Informed Consent: Ethical Implications. 1993. American Psychological Association, Toronto.

Organizing to Combat Unfair Insurance Practices by Third-Party Payors. 1992. New York State Psychological Association Annual Meeting.

Perils of Psychotherapy with Custodially-Challenged Mothers. 1991. American Psychological Association, San Francisco. Reported in Behavior Today 22 (October 28, 1991): 1-3 and Psychotherapy Today 2 (November 1991): 3-5.

Educated American Women Abroad. 1975. American Psychological Association, Chicago (with Alexandra Kaplan).

Guest Lectures and Workshops

RIT, Villa Maria, Erie County Community College.  Guest lectures.  2010 – 2012.

Holy Angels Academy.  Jury System, People v. Montstream. 2001, 2002, 2003. Two days each year for  students taking High School Law course.

Construction of a Crime: Church Members' Response to Family Violence. 2003. Women's group of Baptist Church in Newfane (May) and Lockport Clergy Association (September).

University at Buffalo School Psychology Department, School of Social Work, Law School; Buffalo State, Niagara University guest lectures on Mandated Abuse Reporting, Children and Divorce: Current Research, Domestic Violence (1992-1999).

Courtwatching in Amherst: Considerations and Guidelines, Amherst Domestic Violence Task Force. January 1995.

What Judges Can Do to Stop the Violence, Niagara County Coalition Against Domestic Violence. October 1994.

Presenter, Parent Education and Custody Effectiveness (PEACE) Program Pilot Project. 1993. Eighth Judicial District, Western New York.

Campus Sexual Harassment: From the Inside Out (public lecture) and
            Childhood Abuse: Implications for Working with College Students, a workshop for deans and counselors. 1993. Two-days at Carleton College, Northfield, MN

Children of Violence 1992. Half-day workshop for teachers, West Seneca Public Schools.

Domestic Violence: Old Problems in New Guises. 1992. College Club. May.

Current Issues in Child Custody. 1991. (Faculty with Lenore Walker). All day Pre- convention seminar. American Psychological Association, San Francisco.

Working with Child and Adult Victims of Childhood Abuse. One - Three hour seminars for mental health professionals: Erie County Mental Health Services, Trocaire Conference on Child Care, Niagara County Child and Family Services, Hamburg, Counseling Center and Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital, Hamilton Ontario.  1982-1985.

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