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A Poem from the Book:

The Plover and the Woman with Painted Toes

The long-haired woman with painted toes

is running barefoot across the gritty sand of Seawall Picnic Area

during peak migration at Acadia

She is showing her tiny son

the fun of the run


a solitary,




Climate Change, Foothills Publishing, January 2014.

Order information: Copies are available through Martha Deed or through Foothills Publishing.

The Last Collaboration by Martha Deed with Millie Niss, Furtherfield, January 2012 (free online) and updated in book form, June 2012.

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And Then : A Child Dying Before Her Time (Deed) and If Only They Read Homer (Niss), Volume 18, 2015


Difficult to read yet hard to put down, [The Last Collaboration] is a memoir that is both a work of art and a textbook, filled with lessons for patients, caregivers and students of contemporary health care systems. Robert S. Holzman, MD

The Last Collaboration is a powerful document from which we can all learn. . . a true “chaos story” and a narrative we can all learn much from. David Elpern, MD

This is medical misadventure laced with anguished prose and cries for help. The collaboration between mother and daughter is deeply personal and worth experiencing for yourself. John James, PhD

City Bird: Selected Poems (1991 - 2009) by Millie Niss, edited and designed by Martha Deed, BlazeVox, September 2010



Mo' Joe: the Anthology (Editor: John Roche). Beatlick Press, 2014.

Joe the Poet Goes to Mod-Po

Joe the Poet Goes to Maine


Prometheus Chair (Editor: Alan Casline), Rootdrinker Institute, 2013.

The Desperate Woman, Niagara, Door

Le Mot Juste by Just Poets, Foothills Publishing, 2013, 2014, 2015

Visiting a rattlesnake farm

Oscar Silverman Reading at the State University


The Cento (Theresa Welford, Ed.), Red Hen Press, 2011

Misunderestimated Will of Me

River Road

November 2010 Project,, 2011

The Unlikely Stories of the Third Kind, Unlikely Stories, September 2010

A Funny Story About Cancer

Love Over 60: an anthology of women's poems, Mayapple Press, 2010

A Coven of Mothers

Voices from the Herd: An Anthology for Buffalo, NY, Doubt It Publishing, 2010

The Flood

Spidertangle Anthology , Edited by mIEKAL aND, Xexoxial Editions, February 2009

Charges, Snowman




From the Chapbook:

This is not a poem about

. . .

the printer leaking ink across my desk

the scoundrel accountant's mistakes on my aunt's tax returns

the old people our age dying off like flies

the gross weather of this winter that fails to pass in April

the raccoon that did its thing with a fawn under our window,

not even about James Russell Lowell's poem, "The Dead House,"

which was described as falling like a millstone upon the heart . . .

The Water Bill, Benevolent Bird Press, 2014

Order from Benevolent Bird Press, PO Box 522, Delmar, NY 12054

or from Author.



This is Visual Poetry,, August, 2010

500 Favourite Words,
Heat,, 2010
The Lost Shoe, Naissance, January 2010

65 x 65 , Peter Ganick's Small Chapbook Project, December 2006
Revised Edition, March 2009.

(Contact for further information.)

Intersections: a twenty-day journal of the unexpected , Museum of the Essential and Beyond That/ Library of Marvels, 2006

9, {PO25centEM}, Furniture Press, July 2004. Original Printing Sold Out

Mini Chap, 16 Pp. Second printing March 2009 available from author only.

(Contact for further information.)




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Bubble Outside Washington, Flyover, September 2, 2013

Seamus Heaney Reading at Canisius College, Buffalo, New York, August 31, 2013

The Quaker Cemetery in Prospect Park, January 2013

Upon Reading Mike Basinski's Poetry, January 2013

Climate Change, January 2013

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Visiting the Town Too Tough To Die, The Buffalo News, January 2, 2011

Five Poems: the earth was in continual agitation, School Days, My House with a River View, Brioche in Horse Branch, Kentucky, and On the Other Side of the River Styx at Poet's Corner, December 26, 2010.
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Beyond Bones II, September 2010

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Visionary Math, The Buffalo News, April 4, 2010
Before the Vote, New Verse News, March 26, 2010
After James Tate, qarrtsiluni, March 18, 2010
Cooks Falls, cromarama, February 14, 2010
Book Sale, Helix , Spring 2009. Pp. 45-46.
The Flood, Helix, Spring 2009. P. 47.
The Ambivalent Lover I Hung Up On So I could Do My Laundry, The Dudley Review , 2009
The doe with morning sickness, The Dudley Review, 2009
From "65 x 65" , The Buffalo News , June 21, 2009
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Illegal Entry, Letters to the World , Edited by Moira Richards, Rosemary Starace, Lesley Wheeler,
Red Hen Press, February 2008


Primary Day, The New Verse News , January 8, 2008
Stopping by Woods, Poemeleon, December 2007
some of his older female clients, many of whom were born between or before the two World Wars, Death Metal Poetry Journal, October 2007
Italian Mansion Recall, 3by3by3 , September 6, 2007
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Four Renga with Karen Lewis

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Letter of Non-Award, Linda Gives a Party, No Smoking Here

My best first line, Verse on Vellum , Spring 2004


Heaven on Earth, Verse on Vellum , Spring 2004

Spring, Gypsy , Spring 2004

Illegal Entry, Artvoice , April 1, 2004

First Place Winner, Buffalo/Niagara Ice Boom Poetry Contest, Just Buffalo Literary Center

11.03.04, Poems for Madrid , in e-book published by nthposition, April 2004, p. 8
Ghazal, Milk Magazine , February 2004 (Revised since publication)

Three Poems by Martha Deed, Artvoice , December 24, 2003, P. 20.

Bowmansville, NY
Lake Effect

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Kayak Lessons, Millers Pond Poetry Magazine Online , May 2003. Scroll for poem.
Sibling Rivalry, Millers Pond Poetry Magazine Online , May 2003. Scroll for poem
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Untitled, Poetry Shards 1. 2. 3., Blessing for a New Year, The Awakenings Review , Winter 2001. Pp. 89-90.

Visual Poetry, Multimedia, Images

Snow Haiku (Video, 2011)

Reviewed by Michael Szpakowski at DVBLOG, February 14, 2011

Electronic Village Galleries, UK

Skylab/ Avant Poetry Collection, Ohio State University, August 2010

Death, Two Eagles Originally published in This is Visual Poetry by Martha Deed, August 2010

The Lost Shoe (video, 2010)

Reviewed by Michael Szpakowski at DVBLOG, March 18, 2010

Missing Unlikelystories Multimedia installation adapted from limited edition Artists' Book (below), January 2007.

Missing Man
Drafting2 Curated by Kevin Thurston, Baltimore, MD
August 2004

Breakfast (video, 2006)

Reviewed by Michael Szpakowski at DVBLOG, January 9, 2007

15 Concrete Minimalist Poetry, June 2007.

October Surprise (video, 2006)

Reviewed by Michael Szpakowski at DVBLOG, April 9, 2007

War and Peace (video, 2006)

Reviewed by Michael Szpakowski at DVBLOG , August 1, 2006

Birthday Dinner (video, 2005)

Reviewed by Michael Szpakowski at DVBLOG, December 2 , 2005

Winter Storm Warning (video, 2005)

Reviewed by Michael Szpakowski at DVBLOG, December 2 , 2005

Aftershocks (web narrative), reviewed by Edward Picot at The Hyperliterature Exchange, November 2005

Hecatomb in Cheektowaga (video) Martha Deed and Millie Niss

Reviewed by Michael Szpakowski at DVBLOG, November 9, 2005

Exhibited: SCOPE 2006, New York City

Photo credit: Millie Niss

Jewel on the Erie Canal (video) Martha Deed and Millie Niss

Members Exhibit, Carnegie Arts Center, North Tonawanda, NY, Nov 6- Dec 10, 2005

Exhibited: SCOPE 2006, New York City

Photo credit: Millie Niss

Up to No Good (video) Martha Deed and Millie Niss

Exhibited: SCOPE 2006, New York City

News from Erewhon The Iowa Review Web Flash fiction by Martha Deed and Millie Niss, October 2005

Collage: Millie Niss

Sheep Apnea Museum of the Essential and Beyond That Multimedia by Martha Deed, Millie Niss and Muriel Frega, July 2005

Image: Muriel Frega

Stuck in Middletown Museum of the Essential and Beyond That Poem and Photographs by Martha Deed, Animation and installation by Regina Celia Pinto, January 2005
Stove Museum of the Essential and Beyond That Multimedia, January 2004
Dead Book "Fact and Fiction" Mail Art exhibition, 5th Parallel Gallery, University of Regina, SK (Canada), November 17-22, 2003